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Order references

In ‘my account’ you will find the clever feature ‘order references’. Let’s say you will have 2 events in the coming week. Of course you’d like to see what you buy and spend at event A and event B. In order references you can create both events. Soon as you saved the references you go back to the flower stock. In the opened product card you will see a drop down from where you can choose whether you’d like to buy the product for event A or B. As soon as you click ‘buy’, the product will be labeled and divided in the shopping cart. Now you will have a perfect overview on what you spend per event.


In the section invoices you are able to have insight in your Hoek flowers invoices. Open your invoice in PDF to download it or print it right away.

Log off

Want to log off from your account? You can do this by clicking on your account and select ‘Log off’ at the bottom of the drop down. This takes you back to the home screen.

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