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Product card

The product photos at the web shop are ‘live photos’, taken at arrival. Some products also have an extra photo attached since they are not blooming when they arrive. The extra photo gives an impression on how they will become. Every product in our web shop is equipped with extra information as: the full Latin name of the flower, the length, the country of origin and the name of the grower. ‘In stock’ shows how many stems there are still in stock. Quantity means the amount of stems you are going to buy.

Departure day

The first and most important step is to choose a departure day. Here you select which day your flowers depart from our company. Your account manager will explain you personally how long it will take from departure until delivery to your location. Done buying for the selected departure day? Change the departure day at the top to start buying for a different day.


The slider on our homepage will frequently inform you about the newest trends, novelties, news and so on. So keep your eye on it!

The header

The big blue bar on top, filled with a search bar to find your favorite flowers. Is the shop not displayed in your language? Simply click on the flag in the upper right corner and switch it right away. The chosen selection will be remembered for the next session.

Our assortment

All different stocks are located at the top left of the home screen. From Flowers & Green to Decoration, each filled with their own categories.

Stock layout

On the left side you will see ‘all filters’ which makes it more easy to navigate through the shop. In our assortment you can quickly navigate between the different product groups. In product categories you are able to filter quickly inside a group, for example roses and spray roses. You are also able to sort on length, color and at specials you will find filters as Fair trade flowers.

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