Wedding List

Love is in the air! For over a year we were not able to celebrate love the way we wanted .. but we do have good faith for the wedding season to come.

We spoke with a couple of florists and found that it’s not always easy to precalculate margins for your weddings or events. With the wedding season slowly starting again we thought of how we can help you out. Therefore we would love to introduce you to our new web shop feature, called: Wedding List. Use our wedding list to pre-order flowers for the wedding season coming up. Why?

Fixed prices

Because it’s pretty hard to indicate margins for events which are months ahead, we already spoke to our favorite growers and created fixed prices for you from May until September.

Direct from the grower

We made you this list in cooperation with our growers. Basically you already ‘reserve’ your wedding flowers while they are still growing in the field. As fresh as it gets.


Because with the months changing, the available products change.. That’s why the weddings list differs a bit per month. Perfect to already know what products are available in a specific month* and which ones are not

*Since flowers are natural products, weather is of influence on production. If a product is not available due to unforseen reasons, we will inform you in advance

How does it work?

Actually it is pretty simple. Our wedding list is a pre-order list, where most of you are already familiar with. Example: if you have a wedding on Sunday August 15, you can already decide to pre-order your flowers now in August's Wedding List (for the departure day of your choice) or the latest at 23 July.

Cut off days Wedding List:

  • Weddings in July - Cutt off June 25 (12.00 GMT+2)
  • Weddings in August - Cutt off July 23 (12.00 GMT+2)
  • Weddings in September - Cutt of August 16 (12.00 GMT+2)

We do hope this helps you in order to prepare yourself for the wedding season coming up. Good luck and please don’t hesitate the contact your account manager in case you have additional questions.