Because at Hoek flowers we find it important that flower lovers like you get rewarded, we created: Hoek Exclusive. We are super excited and proud to finally present you our new reward program. Buy flowers, save points and spend them the way you want.

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About Exclusive

Hoek Exclusive is the reward program of Hoek flowers and specially designed for our customers. Once registered as a member, your Exclusive account is connected to your Hoek flowers account. Buy flowers like you always do and automatically earn points.. it’s actually that simple. Although you already have an account at Hoek flowers, you still need to ‘sign up’ for Hoek Exclusive.

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How to sign up

You can do this by giving in the email address you’re using at Hoek flowers as well as your customer code (for example UK1234). Once signed up, you immediately start saving points, which you can use to buy gifts, e-vouchers and so on in the Hoek Exclusive gift shop. More info is available at our ‘about’ page. Curious? Hit the button below to check Hoek Exclusive out. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

Please note: for now our program is only available in English

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